NL6000 Series

NL6000 Series


Designed by Smart Machine Tool engineers with many years of experience, NL Series turning centers guarantee ultra-precision, flexible, and reliable machining performance.

■ Powerful main spindle with maximum output of 55kW
■ Large spindle through hole diameter: Ø181mm(7.125″)
■ Equiped with 2 step gearbox, provide powerful spindle output power and torque
■ Large-diameter ball screw preloaded with Angular ball Bearings ensure precise and smooth rotation.

Machine Specifications

NL6000 Series

Swing Over Bed mm(inch) 1,030 (40.55)
Chuck Size inch 24″
Bar Capacity mm(inch) 165.5 (6.52)
Spindle Speed rpm 1,200
Motor (Cont./Max) kW(HP) 37/55 (50/73)
No. of Tools EA 12
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CAPACITY Swing over the bed mm(inch) 1,030 (40.55)
Swing over the cross slide mm(inch) 850 (33.46)
Max. machining diamete mm(inch) 960(37.80) 900(35.43) 960(37.80) 900(35.43) 960(37.80) 900(35.43) 960(37.80) 900(35.43)
Max. machining length mm(inch) 750 (29.53) 700 (27.56 ) 1,550(61.02) 1,500(59.06) 2,250(88.58) 2,200(86.61) 3,250(127.95) 3,200(125.98)
Chuck size inch 24
Bar working dia. mm(inch) 165.5 (6.52)
SPINDLE Spindle speed rpm 1,200
Spindle motor kW(Hp) 37/55 (50/73)
Spindle nose ASA A1 – 15
Spindle torque N.m(ft.lbs) 5,143 (3,792)
Spindle through hole dia. mm(inch) 181(7.125)
TRAVEL Rapid traverse (X/Z) m/min(ipm) 16/20(630/787) 16/16(630/630) 16/10(630/394)
Travel (X/Z) mm(inch) 475/800(18.7/31.5) 475/1,600 (18.7/62.99) 475/2,300(18.7/90.55) 475/3,300(18.7/129.92)
Feed motor (X/Z) kW(hp) 7/6 (9.4/8)
TURRET Number of tool position st. 12
Shank size for square tool mm(inch) □32 (□1.25)
Shank diameter for boring bar mm(inch) 80 (3)
Indexing time sec 0.25/Step 0.35/Step 0.25/Step 0.35/Step 0.25/Step 0.35/Step 0.25/Step 0.35/Step
Milling tool holder type BMT85 BMT85 BMT85 BMT85
Max. rotary tool spindle speed rpm 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000
Rotary tool motor power kW(hp) 7.5/11/15 (10/14.8/20.1 7.5/11/15(10/14.8/20.1) 7.5/11/15(10/14.8/20.1) 7.5/11/15(10/14.8/20.1)
TAILSTOCK Tailstock travel mm(inch) Option 1,450(57.09) 2,150(84.65) 3,150(124.02)
Tailstock spindle diameter mm(inch) Option 180 (7.09)
Taper of tailstock spindle Option MT#6 (Built-in)
Tailstock spindle travel mm(inch) Option 150(5.91)
BED TYPE 45° Slant
REQUIRED FLOOR SPACE mm(inch) 4,390(172.8)x2,379(93.7) 5,191(204.4)x2,379(93.7) 6,004(236.4)x2,389(94.1) 7,100(279.5)x2,657(104.6)
MACHINE WEIGHT kg(lbs) 11,500(25,353) 12,000(26,455) 15,300(33,371) 15,800(34,833) 17,300(38,140) 17,800(39,833) 19,800(43,652) 20,300(44,754)

Machine Structure

High Rigidity Body Structure For Heavy-duty Machining

 1 One-Piece Casting Bed  

One-piece 45-degree slant bed made out of Meehanite cast iron, which has superb vibration absorption characteristics, provides rigid foundation for all machine components. Such design endures long-term machining accuracy and consistency. 

 2 Turcite Precise Scraping Carriage

Z-Axis High Performance Motor
Z-axis is equipped with high performance feed motor for better travel ability.

Z-axis rapid traverse rate
– NL6000/M/S/SM: 20 m/min [787 ipm]
– NL6000L/LM: 16 m/min [630 ipm]
– NL6000XL/XLM: 10 m/min [394 ipm]

Wide box guideways and Carriage
Hexahedral design and wide box guideways, machined from one piece casting, promote heavy duty machining.
Wide carriage promotes less vibration and allows high precision machining.

 3 Main Spindle

Double row cylindrical roller bearings in the front and back, coupled with angular thrust bearing, ensure high rigidity for heavy cutting and excellent surface finishes

 4 Turret

Heavy-duty turret driven by high torque AC servo motor ensures rapid rotation and correct positioning. The turret achieves high speed indexing time at 0.25 second/step. Also the design features large diameter Curvic coupling ensure accurate positioning and strong clamping power.

 5 Tailstock

NL 6000 series are equipped with heavy-duty programmable tailstock with built-in spindle quill as standard to ensure high rigidity and machining quality (*Except NL6000S/SM, tailstock is option).

NL 6000
■ Quill Type: MT#6
■ Quill Dia.: Ø180 mm
■ Quill Travel: 150 mm

Main Spindle

High Accuracy & Performance CNC Turning Center

 1 Main Spindle

Heavy-duty headstock machined from one-piece casting.
Reinforced with radiator fan-like pin tube rib design dissipates heat generated by axis movements, maintaining minimal thermal expansion.

Double row cylindrical roller bearings in the front and back, coupled with angular thrust bearings, ensure high rigidity for heavy cutting and excellent surface finishes.

NL 6000 : 1,200 rpm

55 kW
Max. Output
73 HP
Max. Output
5,143 N.m
Max. Torque
3,792 lbf.ft
Max. Torque

Finest performance and high precision turret

 1 Standard Turret

· 12-station turret.
· Large diameter 3-piece Curvic coupling for excellent rigidity and extended tool life.
· High torque motor driven for fast indexing time and excellent positioning and repeatability(0.25 second index time).

■ Coupling dia: Ø320 (12.6”)
■ Clamping force: 212.4 kN

 2  Milling Turret

· 12 station BMT85 turret.
· Powerful hydraulic cramping capabilities.
· High rotary tool spindle speed.
· Improved milling ability, precision and cutting power.

■ Coupling dia: Ø320 (12.6”)
■ Clamping force: 212.4 kN

Standard Turret

■ No. of Tools: 12 EA
■ Tool Size (O.D/I.D): □32/□1.25
■ Indexing Time: 0.25sec

Milling Turret BMT85

■ Speed: 3,000 rpm
■ Max Output: 15 kW
■ Max Torque: 191 N.m


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